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Forum Rules and Purpose

posted Jun 19, 2015 15:15:33 by ScannerDanner

Let's make this simple, - just keep it clean and focused on helping each other.
Keep in mind, I can't possibly answer all of the great questions I get asked via email / YouTube, so this forum will give you all a chance to help each other. When I see a particularly active topic, I'll look in on it, when I have time to see if I can contribute.
It will be some time before we have active participants, so be patient and keep checking in. Thanks!


A meeting place for ScannerDanner subscribers to get their car questions answered.
A place to discuss specific ScannerDanner videos. (diagnostic procedures etc)

Something else I would like to add:

If you want help with your car on this forum, you must help us, help you!
If your contribution is "my car doesn't start, what do you think it could be?", then you found the wrong forum.
If you say for example: "my car doesn't start, I have good spark and fuel pressure but no injector pulse, what is my next step?",
now we are talking! We can work with this.

Please post the fix to any repair help you've received. We all will benefit from it. Thank you!
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Don't be a parts changer
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