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Where to get wiring diagrams

posted Jun 19, 2015 15:12:47 by ScannerDanner
DIY Mitchell Wiring Diagrams
For $16.99 you guys can have access to the same wiring diagrams and information I use. It is for 1 car for the month.
Bill it to your customers if you do multiple cars. Even the DIY guy can make money doing this one the side if you follow what I am teaching.
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KrisGordon said Jun 21, 2015 18:02:17
Hi everyone,

I'm from scotland, unfortunately have no access to Mitchell. We have autodata which covers servicing and tightening torques but lacking in depth wiring diagrams and pin outs but full of holes. More recently alldata have started up in Europe. This is more wiring based with technical bulletins and I think will work well along side the other. But would realy like Mitchell to open up to the European market. What's your thoughts on alldata in the USA?

On another note, I look forward to being part of the forum and while I'm still developing my fault finding skills, I hope I can be of help to someone and look forward to continuing to learn from Paul and others that contribute to the forum.
Josef Miller said Jun 21, 2015 18:33:05
Yes! I love Mitchell DIY that is exactly what I've been doing. I'll try to solve it without at first but as soon as I need some extra info or a diagram I bill them the 1 month fee.
GregBasile said Jun 29, 2015 15:52:55
Where can you get the scanner tool? What is its name. Probably nothing I could get at Harbor Frieght, right?

charles booth said Jul 03, 2015 19:40:07
Hi Kris ..... send me a friend request on Google Facebook and I'll see what diagrams I can get. My auto elec guy in Aberdeen are great for help if I'm stuck at my garage... getting more experience now as I own my own garage... on Facebook Charlie's Garage ltd. Stay in touch and I'll help if pos.
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Abdoulie Nyang said Jul 31, 2015 13:40:47
Hi Charles can u help me with a wiring daigram please
Johan said Aug 01, 2015 20:34:49
I live in Europe and on Mercedes and BMW I can use Mitchell I think they are the best.
My problem is with other cars like Skoda, Toyota Or other European cars can't find a decent wiring diagram I have to buy Haynes manual and they is ok but no more than ok.
Since I am a diy mechanic and only helping friends for free it is not so easy.
jeremiah Murzea said Oct 04, 2015 17:27:06
I found great wiring diagram on my car on autozone website,I signed up for free and they had everything including the connector pin lay out and all, doesn't have all makes and models.
WesleyWard said Dec 14, 2015 17:45:25
I have found if all i need is a quick wiring diagram for free i go to Found it using google and also has free TSB information. For my own vehicles it has been worth every penny to but the 4 year mitchell service at If working on someone elses vehicle and it gets to evolved I make them pay for 1 year of Mitchell so I have all info I need.
Tim Canning said Dec 22, 2015 13:45:12
For anyone Europe-based guys - under European Block Exemption rules, manufacturers have to make certain repair information available, including wiring diagrams.

The URL below contains a list of links to some of the manufacturers official sites. The information is usually extremely detailed, with a huge selection of wiring diagrams and connector information (this obviously varies in detail by manufacturer). It is really useful when you're struggling to find information from the usual sources - e.g Autodata.

Most of them offer access to workshop information (inc. wiring diagrams and repair instructions and its usually possible to print off the info) for around 8 Euros for 1 hour and 25 Euros for 24 hours.

(I've used the Land Rover/Range Rover Topix system extensively in the past and it's the most comprehensive thing I've ever seen.)
Steve Ashcroft said Feb 28, 2016 18:30:04
The link above is a list of manufacturers web sites. They charge an Hourly, daily, monthly or yearly fee to use the online workshop manuals. Here in the UK the info available is pants!
Alldata is becoming popular now but it is limited. The drawings/info they give is exactly what the manufacturer provides and is UNEDITED. The draw back I have found during a trial is because it's manufacturers info the way it's displayed or laid out is different between manufacturers Ford shows diagrams differently to Renault etc, etc. and it takes ages to work out what the symbols and numbers mean.The pcm's aren't broken down to the internals, the wires are just numbers or colours on the edge of a box labeled ecm or window module etc; unlike Mitchell ones

Mitchell drawings are redrawn and are very good for the USA but there is no info on the european market cars and I suspect. I have even contacted SnapOn UK about this but they just refer me to the UK diagnostic web page
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Keith said Jun 16, 2016 14:17:25
The U.K. Seems way behind on decent info like this...

Andy@rscelectric said Jun 19, 2016 15:15:29
Unfortunately the UK has always been way behind when it comes to technical info for most things, not just auto. It can make fault finding & circuit tracing pretty interesting at times.
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