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posted Jun 21, 2015 13:46:06 by ScannerDanner
Hey guys. My name is Paul Danner aka ScannerDanner. My name is NOT Dan! haha

Happy Fathers Day!
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Don't be a parts changer
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Randy Little said Aug 19, 2015 23:23:47
Hi, my name is Randy

I am a fixer, I like to fix things. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
I also like to learn new things. So naturally I was drawn to the automotive industry.
I am an average shade tree mechanic, ASE certified in AC, Brakes, Electrical and engine performance, all self-taught. I am an Engineer by trade in the aerospace industry.

I found your channel about a year ago. I was drawn to your systematic approach to diagnosing automotive issues. I realized that with practice I could learn your approach,
so here I am.

I am a prime member and have your book.

I recently purchase a PICO for learning purposes. I look forward to getting proficient with the tool. My plan is to buy inexpensive no-starts to work / lean on.
My long tern goal is make enough money to cover my tools habit.

PS – I have a no start Nissan Sentra 1.8 that is driving me crazy. Based I what you have taught me there is no reason this thing should not starrt. More to come.

Randy Little
Loyal viewer / member.

PaulDanner said Aug 20, 2015 02:32:58
Welcome Randy Little! Be sure to post us some waveforms of that Nissan and also any questions you may have on the repair questions thread. Thanks for being here!
SeanFitzpatrick said Aug 22, 2015 18:13:51
Hi I am Sean, from the UK, been a vehicle technician for 30 years, on Cars, Trucks, Buses and Heavy plant.I found Scanner Danner, browsing you tube, for info about my Solis.I love the books and the videos.Thanks Paul for the knowledge you share, and its great to be virtually in your classroom, or workshop every day!
Will'sAutoBaez said Aug 23, 2015 15:45:27
Whats up guys and thanks to scannerdanner for his experience and sharing, I have been in the field for a few years and have always loved working on vehicles. Have been a jack of all trades but master of none LOL. I am passionate about vehicles and there diagnostics. Hope to be of some help here and also learn alot more on how to use a scope, which I have procrastinated for a long time.
RickSmith said Aug 23, 2015 16:12:17
Hi I'm Rick, From Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. Lead Tech at an independent shop. I have owned the Verus Pro just over a year. I subscribed to ScannerDanner Premium to learn more about the Verus. Just ordered a Wyze Probe. Always looking to learn more about diagnostics.
Dylan said Aug 24, 2015 10:16:19
Hi Paul and everyone else on the forum. My name is Dylan and I live in Europe, Belgium. I've been working in the field for about 10 years as a technician and as a diagnostic technician for a Toyota dealership. I've seen a lot of your videos on You Tube and I must say that I've learned a lot by watching them. What I really like about them is the diagnostic side. There's no other channel like yours. You explain things well and they've helped me fixing problems at the workshop. Thanks!
MarkBeaulieu said Aug 26, 2015 00:31:11
Hi Paul.My name is Mark Beaulieu. I own and operate an Aamco Transmission and Total Car Care franchise in Santa Clarita, Ca.I was one of the first Aamco dealers to get heavily involve in total car care. Its been a good thing, but it has not been without its challenges, especially finding and training good techs. We have a good crew, but we are in need of tech help and training. I hate being wrong when we diagnose cars. We are above average but we can use some improvement. I do some of the diagnostics myself and i have been watching your videos for a while now and i love your passion,i find you the easiest to understand. I just ordered your hard cover book,i prefer it over e books. Im going to our dealer convention next month and i am gonna bring your training to the attention of the execs @ Aamco. Maybe they will be interested in adding you to there training system. Anyway i just wanted to say hi and thanks. I will be involved. And if your ever in the Los Angeles area look me up.
Sincerely Mark Beaulieu
CrazyHorse said Aug 28, 2015 21:28:57
Hi Paul,
my name is John, I am a television/ electronic technician from the Isle of Man. I've always enjoyed playing with cars & motorcycles but your channel has helped me take it to the next level. I am lucky in that I already have access to high frequency storage scopes etc. through my work but I don't have a scan tool yet, what would you recommend for a DIY?
Your channel has given me a lot of confidence to attempt vehicle diagnostics, cars seem more forgiving with test methods than TV's where you can easily fry expensive components if not careful.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to learning more about your wonderful trade.
Richard Draper said Aug 30, 2015 05:53:33
Just want to be a Contributor as well as to post issue
PaulDanner said Sep 01, 2015 13:25:02
Sorry guys I've been away for awhile. Just wanted to extend a warm welcome to:
Dylan Rabier
Richard Draper

Thank you all so much for being here and helping out. I really appreciate it.
PauloLordDias said Sep 16, 2015 21:13:20
My Name is Paulo Dias a Demining machines Global Technical engineer from Portugal also doing some charity training car electrical in remote areas of Africa and south America affected by War
My back ground is cars and heavy machines I enjoy watching your videos
check are work
Thank you for your help
PaulDanner said Sep 17, 2015 09:54:36
Welcome Paulo Dias!
MarkBayliss said Sep 21, 2015 03:38:56
Hey Paul my name is Mark and I've been following you on YouTube for awhile and would just like to say thanks. Your channel has opened up a new realm of vehicle diagnostics for me. With the knowledge you've put out I can easily diagnose customers cars and make the repair right and be sure with my repair. Saddens me to see a vast majority of "mechanics" fall under the category of parts swappers when technical info is only a click away. Everyone could learn something by reading your book and watching your videos. Thank you for taking the time to upload these videos and teach us the tools to be successful. Just love the puzzle like nature of advanced diagnostics.
PaulDanner said Sep 25, 2015 18:08:10
Welcome MarkBayliss!
AlWalls said Oct 04, 2015 19:26:56
Al Walls, from Oklahoma, wrenching since 1976. I won't ever ask "what do you think the problem with the car is", I will ask questions to gain the knowledge to find that myself.
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