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posted Jun 21, 2015 13:46:06 by ScannerDanner
Hey guys. My name is Paul Danner aka ScannerDanner. My name is NOT Dan! haha

Happy Fathers Day!
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Don't be a parts changer
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JohnC said Oct 07, 2015 02:05:21
Hello Paul. Just want to say thank you very much for the diagnostic revolution that you have started via YouTube! You are an excellent teacher and, aside from your depth of knowledge, your ability to get your point across is top notch and the best on the web.

I'm a long time diy-er and after watching your videos have become fascinated with your diagnostic technique. I'm slowly working on improving my skills by watching, reading, and practicing. I'm going to buy your book as a resource and learning tool and also as my way of saying thank you for all that you've done.
Christopher Barone said Oct 07, 2015 02:48:59
Hi my name is Chris been a tech for 9 years scanner danner videos have improved my diagnosis process greatly
WalterSancho said Oct 08, 2015 17:17:27
Hi, my name is Walter, and I have just bought the e-book and I'm loving it, thanks Paul!
Shawn Lynch said Oct 15, 2015 22:19:35
Hello all..

My name is Shawn.. I am a truck driver by trade and wear out my data plan by watching ScannerDanners videos over and over sometimes.. lol.. I have been a truck driver for the last 17yrs..

but before that, I worked in a 10-Minute Oil Change place, a race engine rebuild shop (worked with a friend helping him fix big trucks in the middle of the night and in the, helped that same friend run his Southern Modified Winged Sprint car on the weekends, a starter/alternator rebuild shop, and other jobs not related to cars..

but I have never been a diagnostician.. I was a parts changer..

just out of high school, I took a correspondence course for auto mechanics (but I quit before I got my oscilloscope..).. but I have always just been in that parts changer mentality.. and I have always worked on my own cars..

recently, I found both Eric the Car Guy, and ScannerDanner.. and now at the age of 46 am going to retrain myself, with their help, to be a diagnostician.. no longer just a parts monkey..

I just bought the EBook, and subscribed to ScannerDanner Premium.. so I think my new journey in retraining the monkey is on a good starting path.. I have 3 vehicles I will be mainly working on.. a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 97 Infiniti I30, and an 89 Olds Cutlass Ciera..

I am having to start over tools wise, but my basic kit is just about complete.. and I plan to purchase a dedicated ToughBook for mechanical work, a Hantek Oscilloscope, 65 and 650v clamp leads and some other tools to help me learn the New way of diagnosing mechanical electrical problems..

I will probably not be a frequent poster, but I will try to contribute as much as I can..
I have a youtube channel and intend to document repairs and testing sessions when they arise so you can see what I have done, and if I make a mistake, how to correctly execute my stated goal for the test..

I apologize for the wordiness, I am glad to be here.. thanks
Julian Lech said Oct 24, 2015 02:13:00
Hi, my name is Julian. Recently watched some of your videos on YouTube. I thinks it's fantastic that you provide all this training on line. Your enthusiasm is wonderful.

At the Helm Marine said Oct 28, 2015 20:09:52
Hello My name is Fred Jochen. I am a Marine Technician. I have 20 years experience in the Marine industry. 18 of the 20 years as a tech. I am co owner of a small shop in California. Props to ScannerDanner ( no pun ) ha ha. Thanks for all of the info and teaching. As we all know as techs, knowledge does not come easy or cheap . Although I work on boats, a lot of the information I get from SannerDanner correlates with my industry as most of the manufacturers I work on use GM products. Thanks again

Phildotson said Oct 28, 2015 23:47:32
Hi everyone my name Phillip, Pauls teachings has help to improve my skills as a tech doing Diagnostic's THANKS PAUL!! I'm looking for low cost lab scope.I have seen that picoscope has a low cost scope just wandering if anyone has use it for automotive use the one I'm looking at is the pico 2204 or 2205 thank you
Taoreed Olawale said Oct 31, 2015 02:28:48
here my name is taoreed olawale, person that choose to be an auto technician with passion to learn the trick and the real fix of all types of cars, named it trucks and what are view. glad to be here hope i got the truth i am seeking for.
Richard Desrosier said Jan 09, 2016 20:02:09
Hi! My name is Rich I'm a Tech Junkie and a big fan of ScannerDanners
SyedRizwanShah said Mar 20, 2016 22:06:38
Hi scanner danner how are u ?? em new here from pakistan i just started the work regarding automobile scanner i like your forum its very helpful i need some suggestion from u??
bdazsvt03 said Mar 22, 2016 11:24:15
Hello, My name is Travis I am from Virginia. I have been a mechanic for about 25 years. I have 4 beautiful children and a wonderful "VERY" beautiful wire. I purchased your book in 2014. I follow u and Eric pretty regularly. Wish i could come and work with u guys someday. Lol not a weirdo u just seem cool
Hugo Cardenas said Mar 25, 2016 22:50:55
Hi everyone. My name is Hugo. People call me Juice. Im from los Angeles. Im a parts charger...Thats because people get there cars diagnose at a shop and then they bring car to me to do the dirty work of changing whatever needs to be change. Is cool. But i want to be able to diagnose any car and will get there. And I think Im in the right direction.. been watching your videos Paul and Happy to be here. I will be just sitting back and learning first and then hopefully contributing. I have not purchase your book yet. But i WILL. THANK YOU.
Eugene Tuorto said Mar 31, 2016 09:51:22
Hi my name is Eugene I have a 90 base model corvette that I have been trying to diagnose a rough idle and I am looking for help. I will post more details on the Forum and thank you for you videos on youtube.
juergen scholl said May 16, 2016 12:39:36
Hello to all, my name is Juergen, I live in Mexico and know a thing or two on cars. Nevrtheless I love to learn a third or fourth ;-).
Dylan said May 16, 2016 13:30:44
Welcome Juergen and all the other members above I didn't mention by name! Feel free to contribute or ask questions anytime. Also check out the rest of the website and great videos on YouTube.
Belgium, Europe
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