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It would be cool to see exhaust and intake pressure waveforms in diagnosis

posted Dec 21, 2015 13:47:53 by zracer81
It would be cool to see scope waveforms of exhaust and intake pressure/vacuum pulses used in diagnosis of misfires and valve problems. Bernie Thompson has a couple videos of this but his use of the data is in context to his proprietary software program (eMissfire Detector from Automotive Test Solutions).

His software system is definitely cool, and I don't want to detract from Bernie T for his awesome work, but I think exhaust and intake waveforms could be really helpful for any technician, and it shouldn't require the purchase of a proprietary system to use the data. So this is a shout out to Paul to request some "academic exploration" of the use these waveforms in future videos.

I haven't seen anything in the ScannerDanner videos about using the
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Dylan said Dec 22, 2015 03:14:39
Agree would be cool. Did you read Tyler's post on this? It's in the diagnostic tools section page 2. 'Exhaust pressure pulse testing' Great topic.

I haven't seen anything in the ScannerDanner videos about using the

Neither have I. Maybe he doesn't use it, don't know. But it's definitely a good suggestion.
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Tyler said Dec 25, 2015 00:50:14
Hey, thanks Dylan! Yeah, I think pressure pulse testing is very cool stuff, with real diagnostic value when applied correctly. I'm most interested in it's potential to replace conventional leak down testing.

I do remember that ScannerDanner did some exploration during the Hummer H3 misfire videos, involving the MAP sensor and in-cylinder tranducer. Not exactly what you're looking for, but along similar lines.
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