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New website and forum coming soon

posted Jan 12, 2016 00:59:13 by PaulDanner
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been here much lately. I am in the process of a website and forum overhaul. This will be a few month process before it is complete. Most of my work will involve adding all of my YouTube videos to my website with updated descriptions and easy to search categories. Basically I am making it so you will have everything in one place.
As for the forum, it will be so much better. I know there have been some login issues and I can do nothing to fix them with this current platform. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
A special thank you to Tyler (who is my only moderator right now) for holding the fort down.
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Dylan said Jan 12, 2016 04:09:21
Hey Paul. Tyler mentioned this before. Nice to give us some feedback. Really like the concept you're talking about. Totally understand you can't do this overnight. There's a lot involved in the whole process. But hey it'll be worth waiting for, no doubt. And as you mention, respect for Tyler and all the work he's doing on the forum. Truth must be said.
Belgium, Europe
PaulDanner said Jan 12, 2016 14:56:05
Thanks Dylan to you too! I know you have also been a regular contributor and I really appreciate it. Thanks for helping out and for keeping everything positive. This is my number 1 goal on this forum, is positive feedback.
RobertLesaca said Jun 09, 2016 13:06:41
You got my thumbs up too...a million thanks for helping us.
IsaiasAlmanza said Jul 07, 2016 06:35:20
Hey Paul. Something I think you can add to the eBook and textbook that I get confused about are known-good waveform samples and descriptions for inj, primary coil, secondary ignition, etc. Having a vertical line/reference mark like in the scope at each event with a description of each event would help tons! Thanks. Isaias from SLC.
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