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posted Jan 13, 2016 00:26:57 by Noah
So when I can stay logged in, all the topics are greyed out like there's no new posts. If I refresh the browser, not only are there new posts in established threads, but there's whole new topics I haven't read yet.
Even then when I open a thread, I also have to refresh the browser and there's several unread replies.
Anyone else?
Massachusetts, USA
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Dylan said Jan 13, 2016 11:41:13
As long as I can stay logged in I don't find any issues. But like you mention when topics are greyed out I know I have to log in again.
The last 2 weeks I noticed some improvement but now it's getting worse again. But there's hope ;-) Curious to see the new website & forum.
Belgium, Europe
Tyler said Jan 13, 2016 15:53:33
Yep, same here :-( It's to the point that I just refresh every page at least once. Lame.
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