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Attaching files to a post

posted Mar 06, 2016 13:30:16 by ChristopherCote
I use Auto Enginuity in our cab stand, and once I can scan a car for DTCs I can print out/save the scan report, but its in .xml format which then using Internet Explorer to open up in a nice formatted display. Is there any way to attach one of these xml files to a post so that others could open up the scan report (with freeze frame data etc)on their pc (might have to instruct your pc to use IE to open it with)
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Tyler said Mar 06, 2016 19:35:55
Not on this version of the forums :-( It's been on our mind for awhile, and I think ScannerDanner has a fix for that in the works.

In the mean time, we've had success using free-to-use file uploaders for wiring diagrams, code scans and such. I also use for scan data captures, which supports AutoEnginuity.
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