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Central Locking

posted Mar 06, 2016 01:32:00 by KieranNee
Hey everyone,just signed up,was talking to Dan about a central locking problem that just occurred.This is something I will be working on myself,any help would be great,if anyone has had similar experience.

Central door locking will not work from the key fob button,
boot release works from the key fob button
The alarm works when I lock the doors manually
When I push the lock or unlock buttons I hear the box behind the passenger glove box click
I have taken off the door panel and located the actuator on the passenger side
No loose connections,plus I checked for continuity between connectors,all good.
Checked for voltage at actuator,looks like I'm getting signal for Lock & unlock
I will have to check what it should be because its showing only on the 2v setting on my multimeter.
I have a wiring diagram I got on line its on page 112 of the pdf RX8 electrical.
Looking at it I guess I should have checked driver side door first.
I will post some pics
Any help would be great!

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Dylan said Apr 24, 2016 14:35:45
Welcome sir! Sorry for the delayed response. Could you post this topic in the repair section?
Belgium, Europe
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