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Honda Starting / Relay issue question

posted Apr 11, 2016 15:07:13 by Moira Carroll
I just read / saw your diagnosis for Honda's with starting issues relating to the Relay and Solder. Do you think that his could be the issue I am having with my 99 Honda Accord? It always starts fine, until the 3rd, 4th or 5th time, if is has not had at least 20-30 minutes in between. I can still always get a start, but only if I use both pedals and have enough space to rev it until we are smoothly driving, then all is well. It does sputter a little in the beginning, and wants to stall. Thank you.
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AndyMacFadyen said Apr 11, 2016 16:44:32
Relay issues on aging Hondas are pretty common It could be other issues but because it is not a continuous fault if it were mine rather than risk being stuck at the roadside I would probably try removing the relay and doing visual inspection/ solder repair -- sort of playing parts swappimg lottery but sometimes .....
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