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VVT Solenoid

posted Apr 11, 2016 13:11:20 by Robert Flynn
Ok I hope this is an easier one. The VVT solenoid on my inlaws 04 CRV is leaking. I have a few questions.

Should I buy a new solenoid which comes with new gaskets? about 65 dollars. I was looking at a Dorman part for this one.
Just buy the gaskets for about 20 Dollars?
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Tyler said Apr 11, 2016 17:17:40
I'd be tempted to just get the gaskets, since I've never seen an actual solenoid problem on those engines (aside from leaking).

I've used Dorman VVT valves on Toyotas and GMs before and never had a problem, so you'd probably be OK to go that route, too.
Robert Flynn said Apr 12, 2016 16:58:45
Tyler just wanted to say thanks. I ordered just the gaskets was not sure if the actual solenoid was ever an issue. Don't really feel like doing it again but also don't want to spend more money than I have to
Tyler said Apr 14, 2016 00:09:33
Agreed, I have no problem with the cheaper route in situations like this. Let us know how it turns out?
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