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seat leon 1.4 tsi codes

posted Apr 23, 2016 13:15:28 by SaeedKhalaily
i have misfire code p0300 , p0303,p0302 , p0507, the car sounds noisy , decresed power, unstable idle, bad fuel faulty ,i had checked the coils , brake servo , sensors , i changed the fuel filter , i check the accelator , what do u think guys ?
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cheryl hartkorn said Apr 23, 2016 15:00:12
low power. maybe the cat is damaged from the misfire. with it being cylinders next to each other id be suspecting maybe a head gasket failure. do you have fuel trim numbers? o2 readings? injectors working?
Dylan said Apr 23, 2016 15:51:16
Cheryl's right. Try to identify the misfires.
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Tyler said Apr 23, 2016 19:32:37
Also with Cheryl, I'd suggest starting with scan data and seeing where that points you. Lean, rich, open loop, ect.

Any improvement of symptoms with the engine speed raised off idle?

You might even try a simple vacuum gauge test, get an idea how the engine is breathing.
AndyMacFadyen said Apr 25, 2016 08:07:52
P0507 points to a Vacuum leak or IAC issue together with misfire codes on the two centre cylinders makes me think a fairly big vacuum leak close cylinders 2&3.
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SaeedKhalaily said Apr 25, 2016 17:14:46
I also had a oil the water of cooling , at service they change the a piese i think its a pump of oil, the car had shown previsley an injector defect but after deleting it never appear again , no white smoke from the exhaoust no vacum leak , it checked , pressure in cylenders are normal , once it was at cylinder 3 the misfire and once in both 2and 3 , once i had in the fourth gear during accerlation a sound and total loss of power ( like the cars stop to got benzin )
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