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Hello from Tijuana Baja California Mexico

posted Apr 26, 2016 04:46:06 by George
Hi, everyone, my name is George and I've been working on cars for around 15 years. Ever since I bough my scope and Paul's book, everything started to make sense. It's like when you start playing piano and for the first time you make sense of the chords you are used to playing on your guitar ( you knew how to position your fingers but you didn't know that C chord is made of three notes : C,E,G), you can now visualize the making of the chord's. It's the same for cars computerized systems, I can now visualize what's going on, and what computers are looking for and how they interpret those signals.
I'm glad there's a place to interact with other technicians were we can help each other.
I'm glad there's a place to encourage each other spiritually too, I am a Jehovah witness, and I also enjoy talking to people who enjoy the holy scriptures.
Thank you.
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Dylan said Apr 26, 2016 16:44:43
Welcome sir! Glad to have you on the forums.
Belgium, Europe
Tyler said Apr 27, 2016 00:12:07
Welcome, George!
Noah said Apr 27, 2016 02:02:38
Welcome to the forum George!
Be sure to make an alias/screen name so we can tell who's posting.
Massachusetts, USA
George said Apr 29, 2016 21:45:29
Ok, let me figure out how to do so, thanks.
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