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2014 Kia optima C1260

posted Apr 28, 2016 05:23:46 by JosefMiller
My wife told me while she was driving the brakes activated and the engine bogged down. She says she was coming off the high way. She then said the ESP light was flashing then was solid.

She also said the car would not go over 25mph on her way home.

I pulled one code off the car. C1260. That's the signal for the steering wheel positron sensor.

It was not a hard code and when looking at scan data it seems to work fine. I could not re create the fault.

Has anyone heard of something like this?

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AndyMacFadyen said Apr 28, 2016 06:00:47
Simple check before taking it to the dealer check the brake fluid level is not too high, it needs an air space to allow for fluid expansion.

Edited to add - To expand a bit my first line of investigation with this type of symptom is the brake master cylinder. (1) Check fluid level. (2) Check the brake pedal isn't sticking and is returning fully. (3) Check the master cylinder piston is returning fully and not sticking.

If the piston in the master cylinder is not returning fully the port in the master cylinder that allows the fluid to escape back to the fluid resevoir is covered and as the brakes become warm the expnasion of the trapped fluid causes the brake hydraulic presure to rise and the brake to bind. As the brakes bind the fluid becomes hotter making it expand more causing the brakes to eventual lock solid.
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Tyler said Apr 28, 2016 18:31:32
When the steering wheel is centered, with the front wheels pointing straight ahead, what does the SAS angle read on the scan data?

The DTC info says this code can set if there's a 50° difference between measured steering angle and computed angle (using other sensors), or if the SAS reads 55° or more when driving straight down the road.

If neither of those match what you're seeing on the data, then I'd be suspicious of an intermittent sensor failure.
JosefMiller said Apr 29, 2016 11:45:59
Thank you for the advice.

The scan data is zero when strait and it changes like it should when turning.
JosefMiller said Apr 29, 2016 11:46:48
I will check the brake fluid as well as debris on the wheel speed sensors today
Tyler said Apr 30, 2016 18:26:39
The scan data is zero when strait and it changes like it should when turning.

Aw man, I was hoping it'd be off, and we could sort this out with an SAS relearn :-( I like the cheap/easy fixes, lol.
CyrusKiur said May 01, 2016 11:19:32
Check brake switch if it ok then change steering angle sensor
AndyMacFadyen said May 03, 2016 05:28:40
To recreate the fault try getting the brakes hot or at least the warm -- if fault appears and gets progressively worse it points to a master cylinder or servo or pedal. If you get the brakes to bind badly try bleeding off hydralic pressure by cracking open for a second (be aware fliud may be under pressure) or so at a union on each hydraulic circuit at the master cyclinder then quickly retightening. No need to bleed the system the object is just to release hydraulic pressure.

If the brakes instantly free you can be 100% sure the fault is not electrical but related to the master cy;inder.
A quick Google reveals Kia seem to have a track record of this type of fault that pre-dates the date the went over to ABS brakes.
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"Rust never sleeps"
JosefMiller said May 03, 2016 14:11:39
Thank you for all the replies!

I have not been able to re create the fault.

I wonder if my wife was just driving crazy and activated the system. Wonder why the srs light stayed on though.
Tyler said May 05, 2016 02:34:58
Any SRS codes? Sorry that we couldn't get a solid answer on the SAS thing. Here's hoping the light stays off for you!
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