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Coupe Fiat 1.8 l, engine have idle problem (Uneven) (Hitachi MPI injection)

posted May 02, 2016 06:39:01 by JonasBu
Coupe Fiat 1.8 liter, engine have idle problem (after 2 min warm up) and some times starts from second or third time(randomly). When driving down road on acceleration on low rev,(1000-1500) it will seem to a little uneven thrust. Accelerate normal till the red line.

Tested:compresion test,fuel pressure, TPS sensor, temp sensor, all actuators, smoke test.
Replaced: rpm sensor,cam sensor,spark plugs.
Cleaned: Throttle body, IAC valve, injectors.
No faults.
Here is my obd scanner live data:
Any ideas ?
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