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clear flood mode on late gm

posted May 05, 2016 19:15:50 by tony redolfi
what actually happens in clear flood mode,, I have read different things,, I would like to know if it turns off the spark completely during this stage.

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Tyler said May 05, 2016 23:57:55
Hey Tony!

In every case I've seen, its the injection pulse that's deactivated. There may be vehicles out there that kill spark, but I haven't run into them yet.
tony redolfi said May 06, 2016 14:54:14
thanks for clearing that up for me, I'm getting ready to give this pressure transducer and power pack i built its first try on my car, just wanted to know if i needed to ground out that coil,, so it seems i do.

let me go give this thing a try and see what happens
Chris said May 07, 2016 02:14:31
I'd disconnect the coil if it's COP. You don't want 50000 volts running into you scope by accident.
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