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all Nissan car

posted May 07, 2016 14:57:21 by CyrusKiur
Does Nissan cars have stft and long term fuel trim?I can only see B/ALPHA B 1 and B/F SCHEDULE BANK 1.
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Tyler said May 07, 2016 15:07:19
I've found that some Nissan models have long term trims, and some do not. ALL have the Alpha PID, which is what we know of as short term trim. The B/F Schedule is Nissan-ese for fuel injection pulse width time in milliseconds. Never understood why they couldn't just call it 'Injection Pulse Width'...

If you're ever in doubt when looking at the OE data, you can always switch to Global OBD, which will translate everything into short term/long term like normal. I still do this occasionally when I want to make sure I'm interpreting the OE data correctly.

Also, no offense meant here, but questions like these would be better off in the Repair section ;-) Still happy to answer them, of course!
CyrusKiur said May 07, 2016 17:49:45
Oh thank for ur good blessed!now wen look at B ALPHA B1 I see 90 to 110 or more.which is the best range for the car running ok.
Tyler said May 08, 2016 01:15:30
Like short term trims, it's not unusual to see Alpha swing back and forth depending on conditions. The usual +/-10% rule applies. Remember that an Alpha of 100 translates to zero correction, or 0%.
CyrusKiur said May 09, 2016 05:23:42
Ok thank
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