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U-scope. Buy the basic kit w/free adapter or is the master kit worth the extra $270

posted May 13, 2016 04:24:11 by RickWaite
Alright I'm super new to the electrical diagnostic world and i would like to start playing with lab scopes. i've already made up my mind on purchasing the U-scope from AESWave but I'm unsure if the master kit is really worth it. I already have the snap on MTTL800 test lead kit. So i was thinking of just buying basic kit and then purchasing a current probe/clamp.
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AndyMacFadyen said May 13, 2016 11:10:27
uScope is actually a cheaper device the DSO201 Nano but loaded with custom firmware, the standard DSO201 firmware is pretty useless but there is free firmware called Ben-f that turns it into a brilliant little scope.
I bought a DSO201 Nano on eBay for less than £50. Which is about 70 dollars or 65 Euro.

The main accesories you need are a BNC adaptor (they easily damaged), a BNC to alligator clip lead and BNC to Banana plug adaptor these are available very cheaply of eBay.
You can add current clamps and a DIS probe at a later date.

However there is a major downside to the uScope in that it is only single channel which is increasingly a major limitation.
There are other options for example cheap USB virtual scopes or a hand held scope from Uni-T or Owon.

I use a larger Owon 2 channel lab scope, an SDS7102v with the optional battery to make it fully portable.
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RickWaite said May 14, 2016 15:07:25
So would you recommend the DSO201 Nano or the Uscope? I'm looking for something that's not going to be over complicated to use.
AndyMacFadyen said May 14, 2016 17:55:04
If you feel confident to try loading firmware on to a device you can save your self some cash by buying the DSO-201 Nano. Upgading the firmware is fairy simple really just copying file over from a PC, the only tricky part is making sure you get get the correct version of the Ben-F firmware for the latest version of the DSO-201 hardware. Even if you get it wrong it can be undone.

The Uscope/DSO201 is a handy tool but be aware that you will soon run up against its limitations and want something better. Apart from the small screen the two main limitations are that it is only single channel and it can't invert the trace. ######## Correction : the UScope firmware unlike the DSO201 with Be-f firmware can invert the trace.

Having 2 channels is becoming increasingl important as it allows you to check the timing of one signsal relative to another. For example when checking cam and crank sensor correlation or identifying cylinders when doing cranking compression tests.
There is a 2 channel version of the DSO Nano availble (DO202) and one that is advertised as 4 channel (DO203) but actully only has 2 channels that are osciloscope channels.
I haven't tried either of these but the DSO-202 looks useable with the standard firmware.

Added ...this YouTube link might help
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AndyMacFadyen said May 14, 2016 18:23:51
The DSO201 or UScope is really capable bit of kit, these running compression captures were taken on the same car with my Owon SD7120v and my DSO201.
The DSO201 gives really good results on its tiny screen.

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Matthew Conner said Jun 03, 2016 18:02:42
should note that i am having trouble on a conventional ignition(Coil, distributer, wires, and plugs)2002 chevy 1500. I tried setup 2 on my son's car which has electronic ignition and was able to get a nice waveform.
AndyMacFadyen said Jun 04, 2016 08:19:37
On any type of system that has old style leads you should be able to capture an ignition secondary waveform using a capacitive clip probe on the plug lead without too much trouble. However some some type of coil use a negative voltage to fire the spark plug. This is most usually this found in so called wasted spark coil packs where one coil pack is shared between two (or more ) cylinders.

You could try changing the trigger settings, As I am currently on vacation nearly 3,000 miles away from my DSO Nano I can't walk you through the settings However you could try using the settings that work on your sons car on a different plug lead. On some V engines bank 1 has a different polarity spark from bank 2.
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IsshmanGarcia said Jun 04, 2016 18:52:54
I purchased the basic uScope and i must say I love it. The limitation that was mentioned earlier: 1 channel shouldn't be a problem to you seeing how you are super new to diagnostics. What I did was as I watched Paul's videos using scopes and the uScope. I just bought the little things I seen him use along with the scope. The uScope is perfect for a newbie. It is small but the detail in the waveforms is excellent. I definitely recommend you get the it. It also lets you build up your own collection of waveforms to use as reference waveforms.That way if you ever need to check a sensor or whatever, you already have a reference in the scope thats a good (working correctly)one to compare to. On YouTube there is a small bunch of videos on its functions snd how to save preset..etc.

Another option as far as deciding whick kit is to go to youtube and lookup: AESWave uScope vs DSO21 DSO202 DSO203 scope kit

The man shows how to build the uScope master kit yourself via amazon. I agree with him for the most part about the assesories, but not the scope. AESwave is a good company.Great customer service. Ive been buying from them for almost 8 months and theyve been great. What ever you decide I think you'll do ok. Do you have Paul's eBook or Print? I suggest you get that the same time you buy your scope. He will help you excel at a faster rate and keep you passionate and interested. Good luck. If you have any questions Im here.
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