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94 mitsubishi mirage no spark - new crank sensor, new distributor, injection pulse present

posted May 17, 2016 18:22:31 by matt tech
i have a 94 mirage currently there is no spark. the main problem was due to a partial broken timing belt. the belt destroyed the crankshaft sensor when it was falling apart. i have replaced the crankshaft sensor and the car started right up. After 30 minutes of running, it completely shuts off on its own.

i removed the timing cover to check the timing belt and crankshaft sensor. everything looks fine. there is good tension on the belt, all the timing are aligned and crankshaft sensor looks fine. next, i checked for injection pulse, just in case there may be a open wire somewhere on the crankshaft sensor wires. i connected a noid light and it is blinking during crank. still no spark..

after all of that, i replaced the distributor, still no spark.

summmary: new crankshaft sensor, new distributor, injection pulse is present. and still no spark
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matt tech said May 17, 2016 18:27:47
According to all data, the distributor should be installed with the piston #1 at TDC.
Also the distributor has a build in cam sensor. If it is installed with the distributor and piston #1 not at TDC will this prevent spark? i have not yet confirmed it yet, and will have to try this at the customer house sometime this week.
AndyMacFadyen said May 17, 2016 19:58:07
30 minutes running suggest a heat related problem -- crank sensor, ignition module, or some kind of main relay issue similar to the problem that happens on Hondas.

As the crank sensor seems OK
If it were me I would start with the coil is the coil primary ground getting switched on and off by the ignition module, has it got power, and is the coil primary ressistance within spec when it gets warm.

Ignition switch is in the on or crankng postions.
With all the connectors in place back probe the white wire on the at the distributor it should read battery voltage if you also back probe the white wire on the 2 pin connector and connect a tungsten test lamp between the two test back probes it should flicker when you crank the starter.

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PaulDanner said May 17, 2016 20:17:56
Is the coil external to the distributor that you changed? And I agree with Andy, do you have coil control is the next test. I can post some links to some videos I've done on coil control if you want me to.
matt tech said May 17, 2016 20:27:26
the coil and camshaft sensor is build into the distributor. i believe there is no control while cranking. i connected a test light to one of the wires and it had power (i cranked the engine and it did not blink at all). at the same time, a noid light was connected to the injectors and it blinked consistenly. i was thinking it is possible i might have a new faulty distributor but i need to do more testing.
Jose(t-pin)Alers said May 18, 2016 16:37:28
I had a similar problem. Mine was a 96. New distributor was at fault. Replaced it with a junkyard distributor and the vehicle works fine.
matt tech said May 18, 2016 16:52:12
jose - do you remember setting your distributor to cylinder #1 to TDC? when i was at the customer house, i did not set it to TDC, i just marked the distributor before removing it.
Jose(t-pin)Alers said May 18, 2016 16:55:51
Yes sir
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