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misfiring engine

posted May 18, 2016 22:38:32 by Matt Anderson
Got a 2002 Toyota tundra sr5 v6. So couple weeks ago i washed my engine, also used a degreaser. Started up fine, about an hour later it stalled out. Ever since it takes about 3000 rpms to switch gears (automatic). Has stalled on me couple times, only when i stop. Lately the rpms stay high even when in gear. Ive cleaned the throttle body, and Mass air flow sensor, ive done vacuum leak test with a spray bottle of water. Check for water in spark plug well, found none. I appreciate any suggestions or help...thank you
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Noah said May 19, 2016 11:32:08
So just to clarify the symptoms, you have a high idle and a delayed shift?
The title says misfiring engine. Is it missing all the time, only under load? Can you id which cylinders are missing? Any trouble codes?
I wouldn't be surprised if a coil or two didn't like being washed.
Massachusetts, USA
Matt Anderson said May 19, 2016 12:48:45
It idles at around 800. No load. Missing all the time. No clue which cylinders are check engine light/no codes. Thanks for your help
Dylan said May 19, 2016 16:47:08
I agree with Noah. Try a cilinder drop test if you can to identify which cilinders are missing. Then we can move on from there. Or any other method.
Belgium, Europe
Dylan said May 19, 2016 16:53:36
Do you have a scan tool with datalist? You could check your misfire counters, not that these are always reliable.
Belgium, Europe
Matt Anderson said May 19, 2016 19:15:06
I have an actron cp9575. It shows all monitors ok. Does have some live data
Chris said May 20, 2016 01:20:44
Did you wash it while it was hot? Water in the distributor cap? Torn or leaking intake boot? Fuel trims?
Matt Anderson said May 20, 2016 02:07:40
I washed while warm. I don't think my vehicle has a distributor. Forgive my ignorance, but i don't know what an intake boot or fuel trim are. I don't know much about cars (prolly should not be washing engines, its just my buddy did it a few years ago with no problems afterwards)
Matt Anderson said May 20, 2016 02:10:52
Just looked up air intake boot. I checked that the other day and found no leaks(it is original one, almost 15 years old) but it looks ok
Matt Anderson said May 21, 2016 18:42:20
Took it to a shop today, guy states its not a misfire but a lag on changing gears. He thinks its a transmission or electrical problem, both of which are out of his expertise...thoughts?
PaulDanner said May 22, 2016 12:05:56
It's not the transmission. You washed your engine and caused this condition. You need to fix your misfire and when you do, you'll fix your transmission shifting late problem. This is very typical of an engine that is lacking power. As Noah and Dylan said, a cylinder drop test to determine which cylinders are misfiring is the next step for sure.
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