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Help with this wiring diagram

posted May 20, 2016 20:48:49 by sam67
Hi was wondering if anyone can help me here with this wiring diagram from my haynes manual for the igniton coil.The coil is a waste spark and a four cylinder engine .The diagram shows the 2 coils a sw wire that feeds the coil and then 4 wires going to control unit.I am assuming these are the primary control wires ? but why is it showing 4 wires that branch off .Just trying to make sense of this diagram.The coil is number 38 in the diagram.

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MattWhite said May 20, 2016 23:33:37
I'm a little confused. You don't mean the spark plugs? Or why do the wires split and go to two pins each on the ecu?
juergen scholl said May 21, 2016 01:33:38

could you provide info on what YMM , engine and engine control system this exactly is. Meanwhile I suggest that pin numbers 3 to 6 could be:

two signal wires from the pcm to the coils to trigger them individually and two dedicated grounds provided by the pcm, one for each coil.

two signal wires from the pcm to the coils to trigger them individually, one ground provided by the pcm and one spark confirmation signal tothe pcm.

The second option is the less probable imo...
sam67 said May 21, 2016 15:03:15
Hi Guys,

Thanks for trying to figure this out.After a little digging it seems this pic is what the coil pack looks like below.The diagram is of a vauxhall astra 1.8 X18XE1 2002 and by looking at the actual coil pack it seems a little clearer how this works .
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juergen scholl said May 21, 2016 16:44:22
O.K., this is not waste spark, it is cop design. So # 3 to 6 are individual coil triggering signals, one for each coil. # 2 is the coil feed wire and the coil housing is providing the ground.
sam67 said May 21, 2016 17:12:32
This vehicle is not my car i was just working through different wiring diagrams in the manual and trying to understand them. Lesson learned ,don't just look at the diagram and assume lol.Thanks juergen for the help.
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