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homemade TPMS relearn tool

posted May 21, 2016 23:36:38 by tony redolfi
for some unknown reason I cannot get this to work......

I'm using a 315mhz transmitter that has 3 pins, power,ground and data

I hooked the power and ground to 12v and used a 5v regulator to give 5v to the data pin, triggering the unit to work

I also hooked up a receiver to verify that I am producing a 315mhz frequency, a led turns on when a signal is transmitted

well,,, here is where I'm at now,,, I can produce a 315mhz frequency but when I go to relearn on my 2013 equinox I get no response...

so any idea why this wont work? I was thinking about adding in some caps to help even out the signal... not sure what else to try, maybe I need a series of hi/lo pulses controlled with a micro controller,, but I doubt that..

I'm using the "315Mhz WL RF Transmitter and Receiver Link Kit for Arduino"

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MattWhite said May 22, 2016 14:12:57
Can I ask what your professional background is? I'm not trying to ruin your post sorry. I just see guys like you make these amazing electrical gadgets and it blows my mind. How do you start down the path to have that knowledge?
tony redolfi said May 22, 2016 18:40:51
I build hotrods, work on cars, boats anything really, this stuff is not all too hard to figure out, maybe look into a starter Arduino kit from ebay, its basically a microcontroller that you can hook to a pc and write your own programing for. plenty of youtube videos on it.

later you can use the Arduino to program a chip and remove the Arduino. building whatever on a small circuit board. really endless things you can build. its basically a prototyping tool that fits onto that breadboard thing you see in the pictures, so you can build and test before putting it onto a real board.

in other news, I figured out what my issue is,,, I did not have the correct supplies to build a correct antenna (those helical wires I made) are not going to cut it,,,, so I ordered a 315mhz helical antenna from ebay that will be here in a week.

I also added some caps to the circuit..

well I cant do anymore until my part gets here,,, but I'm sure that was the issue as I have very poor range with the wire I made. we will see....
PDM said May 25, 2016 19:25:57
The ATX breakout board is another handy tool. Runs off a computer power supply and has banana connectors for ground, +12v, -12v, 5v, and 3.3v. Jump the 1.25A fuse with a 10A and you have a great DC supply for testing
tony redolfi said May 29, 2016 20:15:44
well I got the antennas in, nothing happened,, I read something about using 330uf caps,, so I got them coming now,, but its not looking good, it seems like I need a digital signal sent at 315mhz but I cant find any specs or program code on the net.

so its looking like this project might die unless those caps are going to fix the issue

only 2 bucks and some time lost is the good news. lol

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