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ECU Earthing points.

posted May 23, 2016 14:37:58 by mindya own
Hi, whilst carring out some testing I accidentially moved my Bosch engine ECU. The outer casing flashed onto a main battery conection.
Now, nothing engine related works as it should unless I earth the casing.
I'm sure I can see that there is damage to the PCB where the socket legs are soldered to the board.
Its a double sided board and the damage is under the socket. With over 100 legs it would be difficult to unsolder.
There are 4 gound terminals. 2 on one socket and 2 on the other.
They basically all go back to ground point on chassis.
The casing appears to be grounded by a main track running around the outside of the PCB and being sandwiched between the 2 metal casings.
Why are there 4 seperate ground on the ECU all going back to the chassis?
Is it jsut to ensure a clean ground or is the PCB divided into 4 parts?
Can I simply solder a wire to 1 ground terminal and on to the outer track that grounds the casing.
Any info will be much appreciated.
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Chris said May 23, 2016 20:26:11
Can you get a close up of the damaged area? The ECU needing a ground in order for anything to work sounds about right. Most have external grounding wires but I'm sure some ground thru the housing.
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