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2006 Altima 2.5 S misfire P0304

posted May 26, 2016 03:21:16 by juan campos
Hopefully someone can shed some light on what my issue is. I have an intermittent misfire only when I start the car when the engine is cold. You can feel the misfire when I start the engine but only lasts a few seconds. The car runs perfectly fine after. The only issue is the slight shaking when car is started. Swapped coils and spark plugs and code is still P0304. Any suggestions on what the issue might be?
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Dylan said May 26, 2016 16:49:52
At least you have a P0304 so misfire on cilinder 4.
Only a few seconds... If it took longer like when engine warms up I'd think of a vacuum leak.
If you post this in the 'repair questions section' more people will see your post.
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busjockey1 said Jun 03, 2016 03:08:03
Got a couple pointers for you. If you notice it only happens on a cold start and goes away after warm up, take out your spark plug and see if it looks wet. You might have coolant leaking into the cylinder when it is cold. How is your coolant level? Another thing you could do get a general mechanical idea of the engine is disable fuel and crank the Engine over and listen to how the Engine cranks. It should be rhythmic and smooth. If not you have a mechanical issue and need to investigate further. Try these tips and let us know what you find.
Dylan said Jun 03, 2016 16:48:23
Thanks for contributing busjockey1! Notice that this topic is also in the 'repair section'. Just saying so you can follow along.
Belgium, Europe
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