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Computer Problem?

posted May 27, 2016 03:16:30 by MattWyman
I have a 1990 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It has the 3.8 3800 Motor. The other day it was raining out so I started the car up and let it run for about 5 minutes. As I was walking over to the car it shut off. I started it back up and it shut off after about 10 seconds, I started it a third time and it shut right off. Using a small paper clip I jumped the two OBD 1 Pins, the radiator fan kicked on like normal and I was trying to get the codes when the radiator fan started flickering on and off, then the engine light started flickering really fast, and then I noticed the fuel injectors started firing just like the car was running, but the car was off with the Key in the on position. I did manage to quickly get a code 42 which has something to do with the Electronic Spark Timing circuit. I waited a few hours and the car started right up and I have been driving it since then with no major problems as of yet. Has a new Crank Sensor. The car has a slight idle missfire and 4 of the 6 fuel injectors have a skippy feel to them if I put my fingers on them, the other 2 injectors give a solid spray each time. I swapped in a spare ECM and that did nothing to help this issue. I feel like the electrical issue and the missfire are related. I hope I will be able to have some trust in my car again soon. Not sure where to go with this issue, any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

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Chris said May 28, 2016 00:20:19
Shorted injectors? I'm not sure if he 3.8 ran the multec injectors but that's where I'd start looking.
Tyler said May 28, 2016 14:54:44
Got a weird one on your hands, Matt!

I was thinking about shorted injectors, like Chris mentioned, and it's been very well covered by ScannerDanner. Went to find one of the videos he's done, and found a list of cars that used the Multec injector in the description. Your 3800 isn't on it, but it may be worth watching, anyway.

If you get the opportunity to get this acting up again, I'd suggest doing a quick 5V reference check at an available sensor. The flickering of the CEL tells me you'll see something less than 5V.

From there, we'd be looking for a possible shorted 5V sensor, or a PCM power/ground issue.
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MattWyman said May 30, 2016 04:22:49
OK, I think my injectors are shorted or messed up in some way. I ordered this set from Ebay last year due to my old ones leaking. They are made by Remco. Anyways, I took the plug off the properly working injector and switched the plug to a poorly working injector and the problem injector did not switch spots with the one next to it. This tells me it is not the car wiring but the injectors themselves that are the problem.

Could the shorted injectors have caused or played a role in the electrical problems I was having with the car? SES Flashing, Pulsing injectors by themselves, radiator fan flickering, ect?

Thanks again,

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