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2005 highlander v6 tpms light

posted May 31, 2016 23:56:34 by cheryl hartkorn
customer bought at auction. tpms light on. grab scanner no tpms data that I can find in the verus. no dtcs. I did the reset procedure turn ignition key on hold button until light goes out. drove 9 miles light comes back on. read there is a reinitializing procedure hold the reset button til the light blinks. tried that drove the same light not appearing yet. will drive it more tomorrow. anybody deal with these systems?
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Inge_Jeppesen said Jun 01, 2016 05:20:31
Have you checked that there are sensors in the rims?
Noah said Jun 01, 2016 11:38:16
Without looking up how the system works, check to see if the spare tire is in the truck. I had a Lexus from the auction with no spare, and without the data from the sensor in the spare, it would set the light.
Massachusetts, USA
cheryl hartkorn said Jun 01, 2016 22:26:02
they don't use sensors. goes off the abs system
Tyler said Jun 01, 2016 23:19:25
Yeah, these older Highlanders used indirect TPMS. I've seen these systems get fooled by rolling diameter differences, even though the system is supposed to account for stuff like that.

I'd suggest checking that all wheels/tires are the same size, and all the tread depths are reasonably close together. One bald tire out of three new ones, for example.

And set the tire pressures, of course ;-)
cheryl hartkorn said Jun 01, 2016 23:26:11
cant seem to find any data pids in the verus for it. no dtcs in the abs. well the first time I reset it holding the reset button it just blinked once. then the second go with it I got it to blink 3 times after resetting it. drove it 10 miles still off. so far
Tyler said Jun 02, 2016 00:35:05
Yeah, I've never been able to find any data for those Toyota indirect systems, either. It's not just you.

I think your second reset did the trick. It's a somewhat complex system - it learns the RPM of each wheel at several different speed ranges (don't remember the speeds, exactly) after a reset to 'learn' the tire pressures, then works off those readings to find low tires. This is how you can end up with a TPMS light after a tire rotation.
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