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2006 Dodge Caravan flickering lights (classic problem)

posted Jun 07, 2016 17:16:38 by Moving Up Diy
Shalom everyone. I have a friend with an apparently typical 3rd and 4th generation minivan problem. When he's driving the gauges go crazy and headlights and dash start flickering. We went to Autozone to inspect the altenator and it was ok, the battery was bad and it was within warranty period so we swapped it for a new one. It ran ok for a day but the the problem started again. My suspicions is a bad ground, but then how can I know which one to test? There's no CEL so I have no direction whatsoever. The only thing I might take as a direction is that in the past the instrument cluster and radio were removed to check on the evaporator I think... Is it worth the shot testing all of the PCM's grounds? There's no apparent solution for this and Dodge hasn't recalled for this problem, one that apparently many people have. Any help with this will be great and if Paul has a video on a similar problem or procedures that I might be employing please send the link. Thanks everyone.
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