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Greetings From Uganda

posted Jun 07, 2016 14:43:22 by IvanKibuka-Kiguli
Hello every one. I am not actually a mechanic/technician. I am an environmental engineering consultant that dabbles in some diagnostic work on weekends at a local garage. I have learnt a lot from Paul's videos for over 3 years. I bought his book 2 years ago. This year I started my own small Youtube channel, hahaha. Every time I visit the US I think about visiting his school but have never really got the time as my visits are usually short and not in Penn.
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Dylan said Jun 07, 2016 16:26:33
Awesome! Welcome to the forums Ivan!
Belgium, Europe
Noah said Jun 08, 2016 11:47:47
Welcome aboard Ivan!
Massachusetts, USA
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