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2002 infiniti g20 2.0

posted Jun 08, 2016 01:19:43 by Ken Carroll
Another hair puller outer 2002 Infiniti g20 2.0 came in my shop crank ok no start I sprayed starter fluid in tbi and it cranked so I checked fuel pump wasn't pumping replaced and now I'm getting fuel put now no spark no injector pulse pulled codes and it said the antitheft codes po1610 Po 1612 did the reset and the light (red) goes off and no start no spark no pulse. Checked fire and ground to dist ok this car has no coil but a cam sensor in distributor I took off cap rotor was burnt changed it still no start any tips on how this cam sensor should be checked? Any idea which wires is input output I can find no wiring diagram for this distributor help
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IvanKibuka-Kiguli said Jun 08, 2016 04:32:30
Hello Ken. It looks like the CMP sensor and coil are all inside the distributor. Do these help?

Ken Carroll said Jun 08, 2016 21:55:38
Ok I'm getting 12v to gw wire to coil would the test light on positive battery terminal touching wire connector on distributor make it spark? Like the igniter test I have 6 wires going into distributor plug 1 single wire going to coil on distributor there is 12 v to 2 wires 5 volts to 2 wires and ground to one wire what wires actually trigger the coil to spark and does this control the injector pulse also? 12v to injector no ground pulse. Tachometer does move while trying to start
IvanKibuka-Kiguli said Jun 10, 2016 05:32:06
According to the wiring diagram, I see a total of 7 wires to the distributor (if you don't count the HT wires to the plugs). Looks like 2 of the 7 wires should carry 12V (one feeds the coil, one feeds the sensor). Two are ground wires (one for the sensor, one for the transistor to ground the coil when signaled by the ECM). That leaves 3 wires. One looks like it carries the 5V reference voltage from the ECM to the sensor, the other is the sensor signal wire to ECM and the third must be what the ECM uses to control the transistor to create spark. If that last wire has 5V on it, then touching it ON/OFF with a test light to ground should create spark. Not 100% sure about the design. It may be reverse (i.e it is normally at OV and ECM puts 5V on it ON/OFF to make the transistor ground the coil). A 4-wire CMP sensor design is unusual if you ask me but friends here who have come across it could enlighten us some more.
Noah said Jun 11, 2016 01:18:29
Are you still getting the P1610?
If it's staying in "lock mode" you're not going to get anywhere until the antitheft issue is sorted out.
Massachusetts, USA
Noah said Jun 11, 2016 02:04:21
Alldata says to check the cmp sensor output at the pcm.
Pin 75 and pin 85 while cranking. Basically just looking for 0-4v square waves, one a higher resolution than the other.
If not, change distributor assembly. That's literally the whole flow chart...
Massachusetts, USA
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