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2003 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 P0605

posted Jun 09, 2016 13:24:19 by Marcus Davis
The jeep is throwing P0605. Engine light comes on and off intermittently with the code locking the jeep in and out of limp mode. When in limp mode it seems to be stuck in 2nd gear. Most forums point specifically to a tcm replacement. I am wondering if there is anything else to check first.
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cheryl hartkorn said Jun 09, 2016 21:59:54
pretty much check powers/grounds. and if good tcm time. codes saying theres an internal fault of the module
Tyler said Jun 09, 2016 23:35:17
Totally with Cheryl on this one. The manufacturer flow chart won't tell you to check powers/grounds, but I would anyway. I've encountered this type of code several times on Chrysler products, and always fixed it by replacing the module.
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