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2011 Range Rover Sport 8 cyl...fsr resistor test

posted Jun 09, 2016 13:03:37 by RobertLesaca
Good Morning Tyler. Thanks for your respnse.

Finally Mitchell have me a complimentary 8-day wiring diagram. However it does not show the details of the blower fan circuitry (I guess it being complimentary it did not show details; besides it was black and white print - pretty difficult to trace wires). Customer came to me late in the afternoon and I initially checked all fuses (engine compartment and passenger leg area)and relay and all seem ok. Getting into the blower motor was kinda difficult as night set in (I wanted to try to directly activate motor by jumper power). In short I want to avoid all that creeping underneath the dash. Thus a more detailed wiring diagram. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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cheryl hartkorn said Jun 09, 2016 21:54:47
blower inop? works on no speeds except high??
RobertLesaca said Jun 09, 2016 22:19:20
Nope...nothing works on the blower speed switch (lo to hi) although you see light indicating which speed you are pressing. Blower motor works(but I have not tested it for resistance - a fan motor hi resistance would burn out FSR resistor). Customer at the moment took his vehicle as he has no other means of going to work...
George said Jun 09, 2016 23:21:47
I wanted to try to directly activate motor by jumper power

It looks like you would have to jump ground.
George said Jun 09, 2016 23:23:23
Don't forget to check that ground on the motor control unit (resistor).
RobertLesaca said Jun 09, 2016 23:55:02
Hi George...module sits right beside the blower motor. I will check the integrity of the wires as soon as the owner bring back his RR and give you a feed back. In the meantime, THANKS A LOT.
Tyler said Jun 09, 2016 23:58:54
Dang, George beat me to it!

It looks like this one uses a blower speed controller, rather than a conventional resistor. You're going to find some kind of controlled ground at pin 5 of the FBMCM (the module), either pulse width modulated or varying resistance based on requested speed.

George is right on about pins 1 and 3. One of them is gonna be power for the module, the other will be the signal from the HVAC control head, telling the FBMCM what the requested fan speed is. Then the ground on pin 4, of course.
RobertLesaca said Jun 10, 2016 00:09:22
hahahaha...he sure has outdrawn you. But thank you again Tyler.
Noah said Jun 11, 2016 01:23:28
Good diagram! Mitchell?
Massachusetts, USA
RobertLesaca said Jun 11, 2016 02:53:52
I am thinking the FSR resistor is similar to chryslers cooling fan that is mounted in front of the rad...
AndyMacFadyen said Jun 11, 2016 05:40:09
If it is the L322 BMW designed model made from 2002 to 2012 the climate control system is straight lift of BMW 5 seriesE39 technology. The FSU "transistor pack" is a common failure you get at by removing the glove box on LHD models , the side panel of the console and a heater duct. The part is quite small and is tucked away above a heater duct sitting horizontaly with a black plug that faces outwards above a heater duct.
It has an alloy case with distictive porcupine style cooling fins.
If you have difficulty finding it look for the plug with the heavy duty black/green and red/green wires and lighter gauge yellow and brown wires
[Last edited Jun 11, 2016 06:15:26]
"Rust never sleeps"
George said Jun 11, 2016 23:10:11
Good diagram! Mitchell?

Yes sir.
RobertLesaca said Jun 19, 2016 19:57:16
update...thank you for all your assistance. It was the blower fan that was the culprit.It must have been the bushing that kept it from freely rotating. Connected amp probe and it drew high amperage (close to 3A) down eventually burning the resistor as well...

Noah said Jun 20, 2016 01:39:42
Nice work, thanks for posting the fix!
Massachusetts, USA
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