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Help Please

posted Jun 11, 2016 00:39:35 by Matisha Morigeau-Kelly
2007 Suzuki XL 7. 3.0L It came in with a loose timing chain. We Changed the chains, the sprokets, and all the tensioners and arms. We put it back together. We turn it to the on position, all the lights come on but when you try to crank it all the lights except the engine lights turn off and nothing happens, no noise...nothing. We have checked the battery, all the grounds, and fuses. What is the voltage suppose to be going to the starter? What is the voltage suppose to be on the crank relay? Have any ideas of what it might be. We have had this for weeks and cant figure out what is wrong with it.
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AndyMacFadyen said Jun 11, 2016 10:14:59
I know it is basic stuff but we have all done it--- Is the main engine block ground connected ? --- --
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Tyler said Jun 11, 2016 13:35:15
There's a few ScannerDanner videos I can think of that might help with your situation.

In short, you're looking for 12V at the heavy gauge battery cable and the smaller solenoid wire at the starter with the key in the crank position. Because you said you're not hearing anything during the cranking attempt, I'm gonna guess that there's no voltage on the solenoid wire. Still, getting a voltage reading on both wires would be a good starting point.

This crank relay is power side controlled from the PCM. That means you're looking for two 12V feeds with the relay removed and the key in the crank position. Of course, be careful when probing the relay socket terminals, trying not to spread pins.

Let us know what you find at the starter and the relay, and we can help you further!
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