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How to verify and troubleshoot a no fuel pressure problem - Jeep

posted Jun 12, 2016 22:20:02 by Tyler
Video got posted on Jun 10th, watched it the same day.

What comes in on the 11th? A Jeep Grand Cherokee. What's wrong with it? No start, no fuel pressure. What does it need? A FUEL PUMP.

HOW DOES HE KNOW? But seriously, though, does this happen to anyone else?
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Noah said Jun 13, 2016 01:52:30
Yeah actually, it's happened to me a couple times. My boss almost lost a sale on a Grand Caravan that "needs a transmission". Until I saw the speedo going nuts and told him to change the alternator. He seriously didn't see what that had to do with anything but had one of the mechanics in the shop swap it out anyway. Wasn't quite the next day after I watched the video, but it was within a month or so.
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Massachusetts, USA
Noah said Jul 07, 2016 01:47:41
Part 3 of the VW no start case study was posted exactly one day AFTER my "jenky" pcm repair.
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Massachusetts, USA
Tyler said Jul 08, 2016 00:56:24
I KNOW! I thought of that while they were showing the burnt part of the VW PCM. I think I probably would have attempted to do the same if that VW were my problem.
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