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How to test an ignition coil-Shorted Primary-GM pt.1

posted Jun 13, 2016 02:07:41 by Noah
I may be in the minority here, but if the title of this one wasn't "Shorted Primary", I would have bet this one as being a bad ground based on the last voltage waveform before he also measured current on the shorted coil.

Really drives home the importance of busting out that amp clamp! I'm guilty of not understanding the readings well enough to trust the amperage numbers I'm getting from the tool, so I really only use it for the waveform. Which in this case, the waveform said it all, but I most likely would not have even taken it out of the box after watching the primary voltage drop to 8 volts!
I have an Innova, and the scale is different than the ones you guys seem to be using, but that's really no excuse to not learn the tool.

I gotta dust that thing off, get a fresh 9v battery and start playing with it more. (Trust me, that last sentence only SOUNDS dirty.)

BTW; Noticeable difference in production quality lately! Paul is certainly honing his talent in that department, keep up the good work!
This is content of the quality which is undeniably worth the small price of membership!
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Massachusetts, USA
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PaulDanner said Jun 29, 2016 02:48:25
Thanks Noah! It's been a process that's for sure. Appreciate your comment about the video quality. I'm always trying to make it flow better.
And really appreciate your comment about SD Premium!
PaulDanner said Jun 29, 2016 02:51:39
Here is the link to the video Noah referenced.
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