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posted Jun 16, 2016 20:54:18 by GILBERT SANCHEZ
Today I got this truck with no communication with the gem. module customers complaint is that 4x4 does not engage. I pulled codes but get not 4x4 code got a bunch of other code B1676 bat. voltage out of range, B1259 rear vent door[flap], B1201 steering wheel audio switch pack 2, B1932 air bag circuit open loop #1 front drivers side, B1869 lamp air bag indicator circuit failure, U1950 UBP communication bus fault, U1058 SCP [j1850] communication bus fault, U1262 SCP data link fault, B1318 rt. front door ajar switch and last B1352 Lf. front temperature damper motor also p01000 customer disconnected the batt. where do I start.
Any help is welcomed thank you.
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Noah said Jun 17, 2016 11:15:54
Try just getting a visual on the gem module. Look for signs of water intrusion. These trucks are notorious for failed gem modules! I'd be willing to put a wager on it.
Of course cover the basics, check fuses, power and grounds for the module.

All the airbag codes coupled with the steering wheel switch pack code sounds like a failed clockspring, and perhaps someone yanked the bulb to hide the airbag fault. See that a lot. Does the horn work? If not that also supports that the clockspring has sprung. Of course non of that is related to the gem or the customer complaint of no 4x4.

I commonly see erratic wiper operation on these when the gem is failing. Has the customer experienced any odd symptoms from the wipers? Just to satisfy my own curiosity, it wouldn't exactly mean for certain that the gem is bad.
Massachusetts, USA
cheryl hartkorn said Jun 17, 2016 21:57:49
what size motor? im looking on a wiring diagram and it has a four wheel drive control module. don't see the gem module on the same page.
GILBERT SANCHEZ said Jun 18, 2016 01:04:31

NOAH i have checked the fuses all good under dash all good. I have been trying to fined the gem on a wire diagram but like CHERYL can't fined it,CHERYL the engine size is 6.8. I think that in this case the gem would be the four wheel drive control module. The customer said that he had that module checked and that it was good but i live in TIJUANA MEXICO so i can't trust the person that checked it out. Now this is where i stand with this the customer took the truck for the weekend it will be back next week i want to be ready so all help is welcomed.

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Noah said Jun 18, 2016 11:37:42
Oops, I thought you said Expedition!
Gotta fix the 4x4 before it snows?😉. Just kidding!
Massachusetts, USA
Noah said Jun 19, 2016 21:51:00
what size motor? im looking on a wiring diagram and it has a four wheel drive control module. don't see the gem module on the same page.

You're right Cheryl. Looks like the 4x4 control module activates the relays in the Auxiliary Relay Box 3, which switch power to the shift motor which is grounded also by the 4x4 control module. No GEM involved.
The only info I can gather about the general module also calls it a Vehicle Security Module.
Massachusetts, USA
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