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06 wrx extended crank

posted Jun 17, 2016 21:38:13 by philhuynh
Hey, having a extended crank issue. The car starts everytime but takes awhile before starting especially after the cars been hot and stopped for a moment. Ex stopping for gas. After it starts it runs great. Any suggestions? Please point me in the right direction.

Recent work: new oem fuel pump assembly, oem fuel pressure regulator, oem starter, battery.
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Dylan said Jun 18, 2016 14:21:48
Hey Phil. Not the first time I heard about this problem on these.
Fuel pump, FPR, CKP, CMP, MAF...
Do you have a scan tool with data pids? If so I suggest you give us some data when engine doesn't crank...
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philhuynh said Jun 18, 2016 19:23:52
I do have access to a scanner so I could try to share some data. What kind of data do you need me to share? I'm new to the diag/scanner. The scanner doesn't show me any crank or cam position sensor info

Sorry I forgot to mention it is terrible on gas now too was about 300km per tank now.
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Dylan said Jun 19, 2016 10:56:05
Ok no problem sir. Do you have fuel system related PID's? Trims, fuel pressure,....
Yeah to check signal waveforms of CKP and CMP sensors a scope would be ideal.
Did you check fuel pressure when the car has an extended crank?

Sorry I forgot to mention it is terrible on gas now too was about 300km per tank now.

Let me know what PID's you can find on your scan tool. Look for Short term and Long term fuel trims (STFT/LTFT) if possible.

Belgium, Europe
AndyMacFadyen said Jun 19, 2016 15:17:39
I wonder if it worth considering a weeping injector that would explain the fuel consumption and hot starting.
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Tyler said Jun 19, 2016 17:25:43
I like the leaking injector idea. I was also thinking of a stuck open purge valve allowing excessive fuel vapor into the intake.

Like Dylan said, fuel trims would be very valuable in this case, especially considering your poor fuel economy.
philhuynh said Jun 19, 2016 22:22:47
LTFT @ start up idle 4.7
STFT @ start up idle bounced around -8.7 to -7
After about 5 minutes of idle they both settled to about 0 with the STFT fluctuating -0 to -2
MattWhite said Jun 22, 2016 15:34:00
Do you have access to a fuel pressure gauge? I'd switch the engine off with the gauge attached and see it pretty much holds pressure indefinitely. Someone might chime in with a rule of thumb. Personally I'd expect no more than say 10psi drop after an hour. If it does drop I'd have the injectors checked.
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