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no headlights 93 buick regal custom

posted Jun 19, 2016 03:21:42 by Joseph Givens
i replaced my icm and it starts now but after i replaced it now i have no lights i have interior light but have no head lights no parking lights no instrument panel lights. I changed the headlight switch but still no luck i tried the multifunction switch and it does click when you try the brights but no lights anything you could advise would be helpful thanks´╗┐
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Chris said Jun 19, 2016 15:59:01
Have you checked the fuses, relay? Start with the basics.

Think cause and effect.
Tyler said Jun 19, 2016 16:43:44
Agreed, I'd suggest starting with some basic voltage checks. If the fuses/relays/circuit breakers check out, then you could take a voltage measurement at one of the headlights with the switch on. Lacking power would point you towards a feed issue, having power on both wires would indicate a ground issue.

I took a quick look at the diagrams, and I do see a common ground being shared between the headlights, instrument panel and others. G119.
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