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Cannot get low amp clamp to work with dvom

posted Jun 21, 2016 19:23:23 by sam67
Hi i have the hantek 1008c scope and accessories .I have a FLUKE F17B+ which i have tried to hook up with the hantek cc65 low amp clamp but it just seems to read ghost voltage (numbers just alternating)zeroed the amp clamp after connecting to com and volt ports of dvom and set amp clamp to 1mv/10ma and dvom on mv scale .Was trying to see what amperage on feed wire to headlight but no joy .Any ideas ?

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AndyMacFadyen said Jun 22, 2016 14:35:20
First thing is check the battery in thwe Amp Clamp is giving over 9v.
Generally Hantek clamps aren't great quality my CC65 works OK but the switch in my CC650 failed.
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sam67 said Jun 22, 2016 19:48:57
Hi Andy,

Battery is fine as it was first thing i checked ..Amp clamp works fine with scope so not sure why it won't work with dvom when connected up .
AndyMacFadyen said Jun 22, 2016 21:19:27
I wonder if is an issue with the autoranging on the meter no being compatible.
I tend to use amp clamps only with an oscilloscope as one of my multimeters has a DC clamp.
It is a Uni-T ut203 and was as cheap as chips but is accurate and has stood up well to about 6 years use.
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sam67 said Jun 23, 2016 16:20:03
Hi Andy,

I have the UNI-T UT201 that i bought a long time ago for testing domestic appliances.Wish i had thought back then as i would have gone for one with DC current instead but i never thought i'd get more into automotive testing .Whats the lowest current the 203 that you have reads?
AndyMacFadyen said Jun 24, 2016 05:13:53
I don't know I have seen it demonstrated on a video as working with reasonable accuracy at 1 Amp but I am not so sure. I will do a rough and ready test using my ordinary tungsten test lamp as load.
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AndyMacFadyen said Jun 24, 2016 10:36:44
I tested the UT203 against my Owon BT35 220mA.

(1) BT35 220 mA, UT203 221 mA
(2) BT35 151 mA, UT203 150-154 mA
(3) BT35 121 mA, UT203 110-115 mA

Personally I regard as 100mA as being the lowest current that the BT203 is useful at.
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sam67 said Jun 24, 2016 18:38:32
Thanks Andy,

That's pretty good for an amp clamp that is well priced.Might have to add one for DC current measurements where it saves getting scope out.Yep big changes here in UK (i'm from here also).

Thanks again for your time it's appreciated .
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