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vw passat no spark video

posted Jun 23, 2016 11:46:35 by AllanBriones
I was recently watching the case study on the vw passat part1. Paul was talking a 4 wire ignition coils. He mention one wire is power, one was ground, one wire is a trigger and the other is a confirmation. (Similar to how toyota/nissan uses). What Inputs does a ecu have to receive in order to output the trigger signal to the coils? Is it just cam and crank?
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Noah said Jul 03, 2016 14:15:52
Generally yes, a cam and crank signal. You could see however that it was trying to fire coils with just the crank signal in the absence of the cam signal.
The way he described it was that by using the synch notch of the crank sensor pulse, the computer is able to determine that a pair of cylinders is at TDC, it just cannot tell which one is on compression, and which is on exhaust. So it fires both companion cylinder coils at the same time.

One of the wires that he was thinking was a conformation circuit (you did spell it right the first time paul), ended up being the ground for the secondary circuit.
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Noah said Jul 03, 2016 14:17:42
Here's the link to Pt.1 For anyone interested in following along.
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