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Finding the information

posted Jun 27, 2016 19:08:13 by JohnGeorgiadis
Hi, Ive watched most of your youtube videos and read your ebook. I have access to wiring diagrams from several sources. However, I often can not get the info that shows whats going on inside the "box". I see often that you have that info, I take other classes and they also seem to be able to get it.
Who do i have to know? a for instance would be bias voltage and sensing for obdii diagnosis. So the short question is, how can I get that info quickly when I need it? Next maybe video on the subject of information gathering. everything from description of operation, normal scan readings , wiring diagrams, locations pin outs, connector views wiring identification in wiring diagrams and terminology ( CCV, vent valve, canister drain valve) in the aftermarket this stuff can make you waste a lot of time.
I have a handle on most of that stuff but Im fairly certain that many dont. When it comes to wire color the imports sometimes use blu for blue and sometimes do not. the legend of a wiring diagram is as import as the scale, north point or elevation on a map.
Im curious if you think it would be a worth while subject
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Dylan said Jun 28, 2016 23:12:41
Did you check this one?

Mitchell wiring diagrams

Belgium, Europe
Tyler said Jun 29, 2016 02:22:42
Not trying to speak for Paul, but I think a lot of the information he relies on during diagnostics is drawn from experience. You get to work on many of the same makes/models, and get familiar with OE's and how they do things.

Unfortunately, I think some of it is pulled out of Mitchell and other info sources through persistent research and homework.

I really like this suggestion, as I think it's an important topic. To me, efficient information gathering is a very valuable skill, one which not everyone is willing to learn.
JohnGeorgiadis said Jun 30, 2016 04:34:59
Thanks, im glad you agree its a subject worth pursuing. I have access to wiring diagrams through Direct hit. they offer mitchell , oe and, color coded for many makes models and years. Also Im an IATN sponsoring member and im pretty persistent. I still dont find the base info that Paul refers to in some of his case studies and have always wanted to be able to get that.
Ill give you an example. He was talking about bias voltage for I think an O2 sensor and the diagram didnt mention what was happening inside the pcm, but he drew a diagram of what was going on, bingo! now it makes sense. Other times he has more info on what id call the description of operation of a circuit or system and without that you are fighting a loosing battle.
I was working on a MB e300 TD with intermittent AC compressor operation, I wish i could post the 3 wiring diagrams that i have and the description of operation. Its pretty useless. No codes in the ac control or any module for that matter.It run then goes off, no scan tool data with verus even through the MB round adapter. You can get data with a series of buttons on the control head.
I didnt want to turn this into a help request on this car but this is daily life. LOL. So the wiring diagram shows a wire directly from the control head to the fuse box and right to the compressor. So, if its not sending a signal, its an input ( description of operation ) or a failed control head. Wire is good and sometimes runs the compressor.
the wiring diagram shows no logic at all. so i know nothing about what its thinking.
Ive seen SAE papers broken down on IATN about catalyst monitors. Where and how Paul or anyone in the industry working a daily basis finds that info efficiently is what im curious about.
sorry for the long post
JohnGeorgiadis said Jul 02, 2016 02:59:45
Update, I just watched part 2 of the vw Passout case study and Paul actually addresses the fact that some ( in this case euro ) dont tell us anything about whats going on inside. At least now i dont feel like im the only one that cant find that info. It looks like he will have to reverse engineer enough of that wiring diagram to get the info he needs ( power and grounds to that PCM )
Tyler said Jul 03, 2016 16:11:29
Yeah, I love how he mentions the lack of info on lots of Euro market cars. Fantastic series, can't wait to see where it ends up going. Also, nice to see iATN members around here!

Thinking some more on the information subject, it seems to me that Paul is very good at using deductive reasoning along with his knowledge of electronics to explain things like O2 bias voltage. Anyone else have those 'black box experiments' in school? Where the teacher put an object into a sealed box, and you'd have to figure out what the object is? That's the kind of reasoning I see going on in many of his videos.

That makes sense in my head, anyway. Again, not trying to speak for Paul, just speculating.
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