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snap on scanners

posted Jun 27, 2016 00:02:01 by cheryl hartkorn
why does it seem like all guys think snap on is the best? I like autel a lot. tons of features and affordable
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Noah said Jun 28, 2016 12:28:03
I use snap on because no matter where I work, there's a Snap-On truck. My dealer gives me great deals on used equipment with free updates. So for less than the cost of an autel I got a verus 16.1.

Which also makes it easy to follow along with what Paul is teaching.
Massachusetts, USA
Tyler said Jun 29, 2016 02:11:28
I actually don't mind the Autel tools, very easy to use. Also extremely affordable, compared to the Snap-On scanners and associated updates. Been using one at work off-and-on, always treated me well.

I have mixed feelings about how they do scan data, on one big 'master' list. Good news is that you can make any combination of scan data that you like, whereas on a Snap-On, the two PIDs that you need may be on two different lists. You'll never be able to watch both at the same time. Bad news is having to sift through an epic list to find the handful of PIDs you want.
Patrick Drury said Jul 07, 2016 20:43:02
I will agree with Tyler. Autel has been a good tool for me. The Autel seems to have those OE type functions which definitely come in handy. It's a killer to have to maintain the updates on both units though.....
Paul's premium channel has found me learning things I never knew about the Verus. It makes it more valuable. And like you say Noah, that Snap-on truck shows up weekly...
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