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2004 Dodge Dakota 3.7L Power Window Wiring Diagram

posted Jul 01, 2016 01:41:34 by Blake Soper
Can anyone see on this diagram where the passenger window motor is getting GROUND from when the PASSENGER window switch is pressed? The way I'm looking at this I see that in either up or down position, both wires to the motor are getting power???
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Noah said Jul 01, 2016 02:07:23
The black wire on pin 5 is the ground all the time.
The dotted line drawn between the arrows in the diagram of switch means that they both move at the same time.
So with the switch pressed for down, one contact moves to power and the other to ground. When pressed for up, both contacts move again in the opposite direction and the contacts reverse polarity, running the motor the opposite direction as before.
So the power is always from the same source (tan wire), and the ground is always from the same source (black wire), the drivers door module just completes the circuit one way for up, and other for down.

So, if the window works one way, the ground is good.
Massachusetts, USA
Blake Soper said Jul 01, 2016 02:11:32
I see that in the DRIVER DOOR MODULE but for the PASSENGER DOOR switch I don't see where any of the wires go back to that black ground wire...
Noah said Jul 01, 2016 02:23:50
OK, I see what you're getting at.
If you follow the circuit from the motor up, it goes through the switch, and then into the door module, which switches the power and ground.
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Massachusetts, USA
Blake Soper said Jul 01, 2016 02:39:53
So for the up position for example. Pressing up position at the PASSENGER switch grounds the brown wire to the motor through the module and sends power to the violet wire at the motor from the yellow wire, or lockout switch. Does the driver door module receive and "input" from the passenger switch and then gives and "output"?
Blake Soper said Jul 01, 2016 02:41:58
I think the way it's drawn in the driver door module as a physical switch is throwing me off, I'm not getting how hitting the passenger switch is physically switching anything in the driver door module?
Noah said Jul 01, 2016 12:49:39
It does look a little misleading, however there is more to the module than is shown on that digram. We know this because of the dotted line used to draw the module.
There must be some logic switching inside the module.
Maybe a factory digram would illustrate this better.
I have run into inaccuracies with simplified diagrams.
I could be missing something also, that happens.😉
Massachusetts, USA
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