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2001 GMC Jimmy Crank Sensor Bypass Test...

posted Jul 04, 2016 19:43:49 by EdCurry
Ok here's the deal, I have an 01 Jimmy I just did an oil pan, timing cover and valve cover gaskets on. Car cranks but no start; popping a p0335. Unplugged crank sensor; I have 12 volts, ground and a signal (sort of). When I do a bypass test on the signal wire (test light connected to battery +) coil fires. Although, when I do the same test with my power probe, WITHOUT pressing the 12 volts button, the coil fires and air pump kick on. I traced the signal wire back to the computer and did the same test, same results. Is this a bad pcm? I was hoping to find the wire rubbing on ground but I don't see anything.
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Noah said Jul 04, 2016 20:57:27
Hi ed,
This section of the forum is for questions about specific case study videos.
If you post your question in the "Post Your Repair Questions Here" section, more people will see it be able to help you from there.
Massachusetts, USA
EdCurry said Jul 05, 2016 13:35:33
oh damn, i thought i had posted it there lol. damn mouse....ok thanks!
Noah said Jul 05, 2016 16:03:17
No problem, happens all the time.
Massachusetts, USA
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