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2006 Jaguar 2.0 diesel tdci 56,000 miles help pls

posted Jul 04, 2016 12:36:24 by PaulSimpson
Will not rev above idle
Idle loads of grey smoke with heavy smell of diesel from rear of exhausts.
Cut a long story short.
4 reconditioned injectors
Overhauled turbo
May be pump timing ???
So how can i check without removing front engine cover and pin timing ?
With the solus pro the app sensor without engine running shows readings from Zero to 100% but when engine idles no readings at all.
I have no dtc faults,
I can tell you this if your where to install a new timing chain you get three coloured links to use to time up the cams and pump but when these colour links have worn away on a used chain then how do you time the fuel pump because the pump has a hole through the sprocket and the sprocket carrier, there is no hole in the pump body to line up the sprocket. What I'm trying to get at is if the pump timing has jumped a tooth or two what's the best method of checking, can it be checked with the solus pro .??? Thank any help appreciated Paul
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Noah said Jul 04, 2016 15:05:55
Hey Paul!
This section of the forum is for questions about case study videos.
If you post this question in the Repair Questions section, you will get many more replies.
Unfortunately, we didn't get any diesel Jags stateside, so I have no advice for you on this one.
Massachusetts, USA
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