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Easy way to increase resolution of a low amp clamp.

posted Jul 12, 2016 16:48:41 by Chris
Stumbled across this little gem last night. If your trying to read a very small current ( less than 100 mA take the wire your clamped around and run a second loop into the jaw. It doubles the current flow through the jaws.

Just tried it with a 3157 light bulb. It was drawing an impressive 45mA. Doubled the wire and 90. 4 loops showed 180mA. Too frickin cool.
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Tyler said Jul 12, 2016 17:27:36
Good tip, sir! I've heard of guys doing this with A/F ratio sensors, so they can directly measure the current flow rather than relying on voltage readings.
Noah said Jul 13, 2016 00:32:47
Wow, what a good idea!
Massachusetts, USA
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