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2006 lexus gs300 crank but won't start

posted Oct 29, 2017 14:22:22 by JohnSKennedy
I had a code for the cam and crank sensor on a 2006 Lexus car won't start changing both cam sensors crank sensor fuel pressure sensor and spark plugs it would start once and wouldn't start again I took it to a mechanic shop they had it for one month and a half and call me back and say they can figure it out so I brought it back home I removed the spark plugs once again passenger side spark plugs show normal wear when the car start once and I held gas but driver side still look brand new just wet check for spark and I have spark and I just wanted to tried something I remove the spark plugs on the driver side and disconnected the map sensor and start the car it stayed on until I turned it off need help.
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